Miracle of the Widow

Grace Harrington
  ran from God,
    ran from her family,
      and ran from herself...
  until history
      caught up with her.

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The Story
Ruth Zeller’s family has kept the secret for centuries. Greedy men, disasters, persecution, even the Nazis could not remove the treasure entrusted to them by God. Humbly and quietly the servants of Jehovah continued their work, always on guard.

From the first moment Grace Harrington enters the bakery she encounters locked doors, odd rumors, and an insistent art dealer. Can Ruth entrust Grace with her family’s history? Will Grace have the faith to accept the truth? Or will the gift, kept safe for a thousand generations, be forever lost?


"Miracle of the Widow intertwines Biblical history, world history and family history to tell the uplifting story of the renewal of faith in a young adult woman. From nearly the opening scene one catches the internal conflict with the faith of one’s childhood and family and the drift toward secularism so prevalent amongst young adults today. As is most often true 'in the real world' the road back to faith is not a road of right doctrine and teaching but the road traveled with a person of deep faith who loves without condition."
~ Tom Hurt, Pastor, Oregon City Evangelical Church

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Parents Education Association Recommends
"While exploring the harmful impact to the Christian faith of political correctness gone wild, this delightful movie builds to an inspirational climax that is guaranteed to move you.
    "The story revolves around a bakery, a suspicious villain, a faithful woman; and someone else, whose life and whose impact on the next generation, lies in the balance. Homeschoolers will want to see this movie."
~ Dennis Tuuri, Executive Director, Parents Education Association

Comments & Quotes

"If this was your first, I can’t wait for the next. Excellent!"
~ Bud Reeves

"Grace did an excellent job as a believable character. I felt like she was a real person."
~ Movie Previewer

"Excellent photography, good plot, good acting, very enjoyable – thanks!"
~ Glen Maxson

"It was fantastic and beautifully shot. Definitely not one of those 'cheesy Christian films'."
~ Movie Previewer

"This movie has a great message of faith and salvation."
~ Janet Tremain

"What a great first film."
~ Kay Madeira

"I liked it. It was good, and I'm 10."
~ Movie Viewer

"Bravo!! It's great to see God in the movies!!!"
~ Dave Miller


"It’s a very good movie!"
~ Elijah Price

"Make a sequel."
~ Fred Reynolds

"The photography and lighting was particularly impressive. Thanks for the good work!!!"
~ Movie Previewer

"Very good Christian film."
~ Susan McCrea

"I enjoyed this movie a lot! Thank you!"
~ Colette Stiff

"Good job, guys! Keep bringing us more. I agree we need more movies like this."
~ Tameray Pietila

"Keep it up guys. You will be in our prayers. Awesome job for your first movie!!!"
~ Khrisi Thiele

"Great message. Thank you for your hard work."
~ Chris Tise

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