Miracle of the Widow

Grace Harrington
  ran from God,
    ran from her family,
      and ran from herself...
  until history
      caught up with her.

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Movie Night!
Nothing brings people together like sitting back and enjoying a good movie. Miracle of the Widow is the perfect story for all ages, and the perfect venue to start conversations and bring together the saints of the church universal.


"It was fantastic and beautifully shot. Definitely not one of those 'cheesy Christian films'."
~ Movie Previewer

"It’s a very good movie!"
~ Elijah Price

"Make a sequel."
~ Fred Reynolds

Movie Night Event Pack
We can help you plan a Miracle of the Widow screening event with our Event Pack. It comes with two posters, two copies of the movie (one to watch and one to give away--or keep), How to Order cards, and response sheets.

The cost is $34.99 (+ $10 for shipping) to receive all the above.

If you have any requests or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

[Click here to order the Event Pack]

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