Miracle of the Widow

Grace Harrington
  ran from God,
    ran from her family,
      and ran from herself...
  until history
      caught up with her.

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Paul Stoos, Writer, Director
Paul Stoos was raised on the West Coast, went to school in Southern California at CSULB, and spent a lot of his younger years buying movie tickets and catching the afternoon matinee. He has spent almost 14 years in television and film production within various positions including, studio production, lighting, editing, and photography, Paul stepped out outside his position parameters and started producing and directing for the EW Scripps Television Group's Sonoran Living a daily magazine show pertaining to home, garden, and national chefs. Paul also discovered that he had a passion for telling stories with moving pictures, and a vision for bringing moral values back to the silver screen. He has won the Best Film, and Audience Award on his first short film, and is an active member of IATSE Local 600, and the International Cinematographers Guild.
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Mike Steiner, Production Manager, Casting
Mike Steiner grew up in Southern California. In his earlier years he was employed by Disneyland in various positions. He also worked as a stagehand for live productions. In the late 1990’s Mike moved to Arizona and worked for the NBC affiliate as a Master Control Operator and Engineer. Mike decided Arizona was not the place to further his career in production, so he moved back to Los Angeles and continued stagehand work and took an operations position at Disney. In 2001, eager to further his experience in film and television production, Mike took a position as an Remote Broadcast Engineer at KATU-TV in Portland, Oregon where he currently resides. He is also a member of IATSE and IBEW.
Jesse Prentice, Production Assistant
Jesse Prentice grew up in Northeast Portland. He has a degree in Business Management and is currently working on another for Organizational Leadership. Jesse has held various jobs from the time he was 14 years old. Starting as an auto mechanic, landscaper, and aluminum part manufacturer, he has since focused his energy on his current mode of employment as an inside sales representative for a large paper company. Musical art, theater, and film have been a passion of Jesse's since he was a child. His interests include writing and producing screenplays and putting on theater productions for his church in Oregon City. Jesse is also an amateur photographer with an eye for capturing real human emotion in everyday still life.
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Mike Shubin, Sound Design
Mike Shubin has an ear for sound and has been helping clients with their sound needs for nearly a decade. He has engineered many music CDs, worked on the post-production of commercials, as well as doing a brilliant job on the sound of Miracle of the Widow. Michael also wrote, performed, and produced a number of the background music pieces.
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Masha Shubin, Script Supervisor, Design
Masha has over fifteen years in the web and print design experience. She began working with HTML when the Internet was a pixel high to a vector graphic and when laying out publications got your fingers dirty. She is the design director for First Books/Inkwater Press, a Portland based publishing company, working with authors such as Roscoe Orman ("Gordon Robinson" from Sesame Street), Mike Reiss (writer and producer for The Simpsons), and Steffan Postaer (advertising guru, creator of Altoid's "Curiously Strong" mints campaign). Masha has loved the many aspects of storytelling from writing to producing to marketing.
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Elizabeth Steiner, Production Assistant
Elizabeth Steiner was born in Texas and is where her family still resides. She was accepted at Northern Arizona University in 1994 where she completed her BS degree in Education. She followed that up with her graduate studies at Concordia University in Oregon where she married and still lives with her husband Michael. Elizabeth's organizational and writing skills have helped her within her occupation as a teacher in Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, and have given this film project a great storyteller.

Additional Production Assistants
Eric Danylieko
Judy Day
Ian Champin
Mike Fulk
Russ Gubele
Kathy Hayes
Brien Morris
Jon Shubin
George Shubin
Rachel Shubin
Tanya Shubin
L. Scott Wells
Brandon Wolf

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