Miracle of the Widow

Grace Harrington
  ran from God,
    ran from her family,
      and ran from herself...
  until history
      caught up with her.

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MotW Slideshow Slide Show
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You are invited to take a fun look behind the scenes with our special slideshow. Click on the link to view the select pictures we have chosen especially for the website.

Every film has fun stories of obstacles overcome with unique solutions. Here you'll find pictures we have not posted anywhere else and learn the stories behind the pictures.

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Download music from Miracle of the Widow. Right click on the button and choose to save to your computer.

Around the Wings   Around the Wings Written and performed by Esther Prentice, Michael Shubin, and Jon Shubin

Angel Grace   Angel Grace Written and performed by Jeff Mahar, Michael Shubin, and Jon Shubin

Laura McGreevy   Laura McGreevy Music Click to visit her website for more information on Laura and to purchase her music


Before and After
Everyone knows that what is seen on screen never starts out that way. Post production is the art of taking the original film and enhancing the sound, colors, and other elements. Here are some before and after scenes of Miracle of the Widow.

Basement Scene
Moving Day
Art Dealer
Grace's Apartment
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